be prepared!

Here is some advice for the people who want to be a volunteer!


Some prerequisites:

  1. To be an experienced Shiatsu practitioner or a final year student, depending on the requirements of each mission. Consult the announcements and check the level required.
  2. Agree to go on a voluntary basis, the cost of tickets is at your expense.
  3. Agree to follow a project manager and work under his/her direction
  4. Be in good health. People with a chronic illness or requiring regular care are not admitted.
  5. Training in Therapeutic Shiatsu is recommended, as you will have to deal with very different and complex cases, especially in the southern continents.
  6. You should not be suffering from the saviour syndrome and want to help the whole of humanity. To have a strong mind.
  7. Accept living, housing, working and eating conditions that are sometimes rustic.

Before leaving:

  1. Have printed out all the practical information to know where to find your team before departure, who the head of mission is, Whatsapp + Messenger numbers or other apps.
  2. Find out about the country you are going to and the conditions and aims of the mission. Ask about the customs of the country to avoid problems (e.g. in Asia they don’t touch children’s heads).
  3. Have a valid passport with more than 6 months validity.
  4. To have a visa in the countries that request it.
  5. Be up to date with your vaccinations. Have the vaccines required for this region of the world according to the recommendations of the organising association.
  6. Have travel insurance with civil liability and emergency medical repatriation in the event of a problem.
  7. Have a visa card and some cash with you (equivalent to 100€).

On site:

  1. Follow the instructions and schedule given by the head of mission. You are here for a Shiatsu mission, not for tourism, although there may be times when this is what you are there for.
  2. Don’t go out in the evening, don’t party, show the virtues of Shiatsu by your behaviour. The image you will give will impact the whole Shiatsu community throughout the world.
  3. Buy a local SIM card and credits to be able to call or be reached easily with 4G.
  4. Use the Tricount application to manage the group’s finances. This allows you to know who spends what for the group and to easily do the accounts at the end of the mission (petrol, meals, laundry, etc.).
  5. Don’t go alone to the markets without asking first. Find out about market customs, prices and how to negotiate. As a general rule, always travel at least in pairs.
Each organising association will give you a complementary list according to their way of proceeding.

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